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R.I.P. Paskapoo

July 23rd, 2015 was a sad day for Calgary.  We lost a 100 acres of our history and legacy.  As hard as we fought, even over 11,000 voices could not convince our councillors to do the right thing.  Instead, 12 out of 14 councillors voted to side with developers from Ontario.  This did not come as a huge surprise.  Our councillors almost always side with developers.  In fact, most of the councillors received campaign funding from Trinity during the last civic election.  The councillors claim that campaign contributions from developers don’t sway how they vote but history STRONGLY suggests otherwise.

If you are tired of developers controlling our city, we urge you to remember July 23rd, 2015 during the next civic election.  Only Druh Farrell, Brian Pincott and Mayor Nenshi voted against the Trinity Hills development.  We are not against developers or development.  You can’t have a city or a place to live without it but developers should not be running our city.  Tax dollars and the wishes from over 11,000 Calgarians should have swayed the people we voted in but it did not.  Why is this?  Again, who exactly is running this city?

Loosing a 100 acres of the East Paskapoo Slopes is very significant however, not all is lost.  The developer had to give back 160 acers of the area to the city due to municipal laws (environmental reserve lands, municipal reserve and other lands traded for areas at the bottom).  The city will now turn the remaining 160 acres into an official city park.  For those of you that enjoy the land just the way it is now, going forward it is going to be VERY IMPORTANT that you get involved with the planning process for the park.  We don’t know at this point when this process will begin but we will post information once we find out.

Thank-you to all of you that supported SaveTheSlopes.org.  Thank-you for caring about what kind of city you live, work and play in.  Thank-you for thinking about our future generations and the quality of life they may hope to enjoy.